changes and properties

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changes and properties


check out this take home lab. 1. Take pre-test, check it.2. Do the lab (run module).3. Take post-test, check it.Turn in pre and post test for extra credit.

Matter: It's Properties and Changes

chem/phys prop

chem/phys changes

Check out this site on water's heating and cooling curve.

Click on "Calculations and Specific heat". Do the problems for each section and turn in for extra credit: Heat of Fus / Specific Heat / Heat of Vap

Bring in materials to class. You must do the set up, do the experiment, explain and share your results. Prepare to answers any questions.

Read the overview of the concepts.

click on the radio. Chem ROCKS !!!

Learn about the energy in chemical reaction.

Learn about phase diagrams

click the lower right to make bigger

Compare and Contrast elements, compounds and mixtures.



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