Change in Volume

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Change in Volume

Materials Used -Measuring Cup-Measuring Spoons -Different Type of Liquids (Coke, Tea, Grape Juice, Coffee, Water, Milk)(-Freezer)


Data and Observations

AbstractMost liquids decrease when frozen. But exactly which ones? Which ones increase? These are the types of questions I want to answer. To find out the answer to these questions, I decided I would freeze different types of liquids that are basic liquids, liquids that represent other liquids. If my hypothsis was true, the Diet Coke would expand the most. My hyothesis ended up being correct. The Coke expanded the greatest amount, which was 12ml. I concluded that yes, liquids that were more carbonated, expanded the most.Facts-The freezer always is a temparature of 0 F-Coke is the most carbonated--out of the liquids that I used-Most liquids decrease when frozen-Water normally expands by 10% -Milk is approximately 87% water-Tea and coffee both have caffiene in them-Coffee contains 57mg of caffiene -Green tea contains 25mg of caffiene -Water is .998 (gm/cm^3) in density-Coke is 1 gm/l density

Procedure1. Brought together my materials (Measuring cup, measuring spoons, pitcher of water.)2. Measured out 100ml of water using measuring cups3. Poured the 100ml of water into Pyrex measuring cup4. Carefully, not letting it spill, put the measuring cup into a reserved area in the freezer5. Took it out after a 24 hour freeze6. Recorded results7. Researched about water(It's density, some exact amounts of increaing, if my results matched with sites.)______________________________REPEAT using a different liquid.

Testable Question: Which type of liquid, when frozen, expands the most or least?Hypothesis: If I freeze the liquids, then the liquids that are more carbonated will expand more.

Change In Volumeof Liquids

Conclusion After I recorded all my data, and went over my results using my data table and graph, I concluded that my imformation supported my hypothesis. The Diet Coke expanded the most, then the Caprisun grape juice, then the milk, water, and finally the 2 that decreased: tea and instant coffee. Tea and coffee are not carbonated, and juice and coffee are. Tea and coffee got similar results, as did milk and water.

Materials for Experiment

Limitations- There weren't a lot of problems I encountered, becasue the experiment part was uncomplicated and simple, but I did encounter a few mistakes on how long each liquid was in the freezer. I had allocated 24 hours as the time in the freezer for each liquid, but I'm sure that my experiment was not that exact. Next time, I would give a time, ex. 8:00, and then take the measuring cup out on 8:00 the next day.

Thoughts Would my results have changed if I used different types of liquids? Like instead of Diet Coke, just normal Coke. Or maybe instead of green tea maybe herbal? My results are just one out of many results.

Carbonated- containing dissolved carbon dioxide.


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