Change in lifestyle _ Transport in Britain Since 1948_ Dong Jun Kim 6B

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Change in lifestyle _ Transport in Britain Since 1948_ Dong Jun Kim 6B

In the mid-20th century there was a large network of branch railways. However in 1963 a minister called Dr.Beeching closed many of them. The first hovercraft was launched in 1959. The first hovercraft passenger service began in 1962. In the early 20th century only a small minority of people had a telephone. They didn’t become common till the 1960s. Even so, in 1979 31% of households didn’t have a phone. Mobile phones became common in the 1990s. Emails also became common at that time.

The CarsCars have become for more common in Britain since 1948. They increased in number after World War 2. By 1959, 32% of households owned a car. Yet cars only became really common in the 1960s. By the 19970s the majority of familes owned one.

Changes and New Vehicles

In 1919 aeroplanes began carring passengers between London and Paris. Jet passenger aiircraft were introduced in 1949. However in the early 20th century flight was a luxury few people could afford. Furthermore only a small minority could afford foreign travel.

The Boeing 747, the first ‘Jumbo Jet’ was introduced in 1970.

The Channel Tunnel opened in 1994.

Change in Lifestyle because of Transport in Britain Since 1948



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