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chanel benedict

Conscientious Objectors

The National Registry for Conscientious Objection was created at The Peace Abbey Following the war in the Persian Gulf in early 1991. The National Registry provides men and women of all ages with an opprtunioty to register thir objection to perosnal, national, and international violence

The National Registry is a national campaign to promote peacemaking as a practical ideal. The intent is to emphasize someones dedication to peaceful living and to peaceful living and to peaceful resolution of conflict

Antiwar Movement/ Conscientious Objectors:This opposition compsed of: college students, religious groups, and peace activists. It involed people of all ages, and served as a common cause for the growing of the counter coulture of the 1970's.

Many conscientious objectors cite religious reasons. Some conscientious objectors are unwilling to serve in the ,illitary in any capacity, while others accept noncombatant roles.


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