[2015] Jessica Marchesan: Chanda´s Secrets

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[2015] Jessica Marchesan: Chanda´s Secrets

A powerful and empowering story where an average teenaged girl must fight to survive as mulitple diseases circle the air.

Chanda's SecretsBy Allan Stratton

Jessica Marchesan

Making ConnectionsWhile reading Chanda’s Secrets, written by Allan Stratton, I used multiple reading strategies. One reading strategy I used was making connections. I used this strategy before, during, and after reading. While reading, I made text-to-world, text-to-text, and text-to-self connections. Making these connections has helped me relate to the various events that have occurred in the novel. They help me understand the different concepts portrayed in the novel. Also, by making connections I was able to learn life lessons that will be used in my everyday life. For example, when Chanda explains how she and her mother go to the cemetery every Sunday to visit their loved ones, I was able to relate this to the family members I have lost and how much I miss them. This taught me to be appreciative of the time you have to spend with your family and friends because you don’t know how much time you have left with them.

""The Lord never gives us more than we can bear." I think of Mama" (Stratton 162).

""Chanda, you keep your dreams alive, you hear? This is only for now. Dreams are for your whole life."" (Stratton 188).

"When Mama's up to it, which is usually, we spend early Sunday mornings touring "the ring of death." (Stratto-n 70).

QuestioningWhile reading this novel, I was able to make various questions that helped me interpret the information provided in the novel in different ways. It helped me comprehend all of the details explained throughout the text. Aftrer making a question, I was then forced to look deeper into the text and make inferences to try and attempt to find an answer. If the anwer I had found was wrong, I would then evaluate why I had reached that specific conclusion. Questioning has helped understand the multiple concepts portrayed in the novel and has helped me understand the overall theme; to always appreciate the things you have in your life. For example, after Chanda's sister, Sara, died, I asked why Jonah (Sara's father) was always at the bar, drunk. I then later found out that he was trying to forget the death of his daughter. Therefore, asking questions helped me understand the different aspects of the novel and help me understand the characters.





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