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STEP 1Discuss what is likely and unlikely, certain, possible or impossible to happen in everyday events.Mark these on a number line between 0 and 1 ( 1 being certain and 0 being impossible)Watch VideoPause each section and discuss.

STEP 2Heads or TailsDivide Class into Two big groups and tally a game of heads and tails using a real coin.Best of Six to ten TurnsUse a table to record scores.Discuss that there is an equal chance of getting heads or tails.Discuss whether the odds of winning change with each throw?



STEP 3Ask students to get into pairs. Then get students to play scissors, paper rock.Students are to tally points and can play as many games as they want.They can tally these points on scrap paper.Then discuss the chances of winning, drawing and losing, and where these would place on a number line.


STEP 4Play online interactive games and discuss the chance and probability of each of these games. Spinner Game probabilities of winning and the spinner landing on a certain colour.Higher or lower card game chance and probability of guessing right for both games.



STEP 5Cup and Marble GameDivide class loosely into groups of five or six, then ask them to come up with a team name, and write the team names up on the board.Display five cups (numbered 1-5) and start with one marble under one of the cups. Play five games; asking each team to guess which cup they think the marble is under.Talk about the chance and probability of guessing right, the introduce another marble (play another game and talk about how the probability of guessing right has changed) Then introduce another cup, then another marble and so on, but each time talking about how the probability changes with more cups and more marbles.


STEP 6 Ask students to complete worksheets. Mark as a class.



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