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Greedy Pig:- Is this a fair game? Why/ why not?- What strategies did you use to help you decide to sit down?- What is the probability of rolling a 2?- If the first five rolls did not include a two, is the likelihood of rolling a 2 greater or less? Explain your answer.- Do you think using a real die or virtual dice will affect the outcome? Explain your answer.

Probability Line: - In your groups, brainstorm and list 10 words used to describe chance - Now sort these words into order - Where have you seen or heard these words used before?

What is chance?In Mathematics, chance is used to explore the likelihood or probability of particular events occuring.


What's in the bag?:- What does your group predict about the composition of the coloured counters in the bag?- What are you reasons for this?

Was this fair?Why/ why not?

Access 'Probability marble jar' from: click below

To create a spinner that would most likely give similar results visit:

Lesson Two

How many different combinations are possible?

Crazy Animals (visit: OR click here

What's the chance of creating an animal...- which has all three parts?- which has just two of its parts?- Only one of its parts?- None of its parts?- Explain your answers.

Predict the outcome of 10 spins; compare this with the expected and the observed outcomes.

How many rolls will it take to create an animal with all three of its parts?

Create a spinner that would most likely demonstrate the probability of this occurring (

Discussion Questions:- Why is the expected probability the same as or different from the observed probability? Explain.- How else could we replicate this chance experiment?- What are the benefits of using virtual simulations in experiments?- How are a larger number of trials likely to affect the observed probability? Explain.

To use virtual dice click here (

Not making any sense?Visit: click here

Lesson One

'The Probability Song!'


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