Chance: Twister

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Chance: Twister


2nd Spin!Click here to play an interactive chance game.

1st Spin!Watch the video and take notes on the language of chance.

5th Spin!Form groups of 4. Get a Twister mat from the teacher. Click on the paper clip and print the spinner template. Follow the instructions to play your game of twister and record your results.

3rd Spin!Click on the paper clip in the top right corner and print spinner worksheet.

3rd Spin! (cont)Click here to go to website. Set your spinner up to look like this before starting worksheet.

4th Spin!Watch the clip and take notes on how to write a ratio/fraction for a chance event.

6th Spin!In your group discuss your results, and what information this gives us in relation to chance. Write your conclusions on a sheet of paper and add it to the class "Chance Graffiti Wall"

Reflection & EvaluationMeet with your teacher and clas to disuss, evaluate and justify your results and learning.

Check-In & Discuss

Check-In & Discuss

Play me before you begin!!


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