Chance & probability

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Chance & probability

Chance & ProbabilityYear 5, Week 3

To ensure you have completed all the elements, click here to see a checklist

Reflect on your learning:What is something new that you have learned?What is something that you found difficult?What is something that you continue to find difficult?Complete the reflection in your Maths book.

We use chance and probability to... (record your answer)

Audio Instructions

Test these with a partner and record your answers on a probability scale in your book

You have two days to complete all the learning elements in the glog. Some will require you to use materials in the classroom and don't forget to record your working in your book!

Probability Scale

To help you remember some of the learning we have done surrounding probability and chance, watch this short video, if you want to recall how to calculate probability watch this.


Probability can be expressed in numbers, fractions, words and percentages

If you finish all of these tasks ahead of time, write some probability questions, swap with a partner and solve.


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