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chance experiments

Whats the Chance

Activities!Its almost certain to be fun...impossible i know.1. Write down 5 probabilitiies. One probability must be something that is impossible to happen, one unlikely to happen, one likely to happen, one very likely to happen and one certain to happen. When completed place all probabilities into the 'What's the chance of' bag out the front of the classroom. 2. Once the bag has been shuffled around collect 5 probabilities from the bag and write its probability of happening on the paper. Keep your 5 piece of paper and sit in a circle around the probability scale that has been tapped to the floor. 3. As a class go around the circle and place your probability paper in their correct spot on the scale. Where any wrong? Extension. Using a deck of card to help, complete the 'Deck of Cards' worksheet. Click on the deck of cards to go to the worksheets website. Print the workseet out by right clicking and pressing print.

For the next two lessons we are going to be conducting chance experiments and describing different outcomes. We will look at events that are impossible, likely and certain to happen.

Early FinishersDesign your own probability scale with 10 probabilities made up of impossible, very unlikely, unlikely, likely, very likely and certain. Once completed swap with another peer or student in the school and have them complete it. Mark their work and give to the teacher.

Lets experiment.. Conduct the chance experimentStep 1. Gather the equiptment required for your experiment, you will need a hard boiled egg , cardboard box, 4cm piece of plastic bag, string, tape, cotton wool.Step 2. Create your eggs parachute. Predict what the chance might be of your egg not breaking once dropping it from a height.Step 3. Conduct your experiment, throw your parachuting egg off a the second story and see if your prediction was correct. Extension. Write down in your work books if this was a fair experiment? Why? Why not? Did everyones egg have the same result? Why? Why not? What could be done differently in order for the eggs chances of not breaking becoming higher?

WHAT'S THE PROBABILITY YOU WILL HAVE TO COMPLETE ALL THESE STEPS? STEP 1: Read about Probability. Click the link on the books to access the webiste.STEP 2: Complete this online quiz. Click on the glasses to access the website. STEP 3: Click the link on the magnifying glass to acces the online probability games.


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