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Chance- Answer sheet

Sig Sendberg- FBI- the FBI was founded by Charles Bonaparte in 1908. THe FBI was made to stop Gangs and Crime throught out the U.S. I think the FBI impacked today by stoping gangs and drugs.

Kaylee Smith- Robert Frost- Was a famous author and he made a poem for the inauguration for JFK he poem where so well writen that are still used today.

Molly Rigney-Charles Sheeler and Pablo Picasso- Picasso was born in 1881 and died in 1973. He was a vary famous artist.

Davey- Scott Joplin He made two vary well know songs the Entertsiner and Maple Leaf Rag. He opened a school snd s piano.

Hannah- Henny Ford

Mansur- Al Capone- was born in January 17,1899, Al Capone got in to the mod when he drop out of middle school. he made 100,000,000 in year. He made bootlegged beer and sold it for money.

Hannah-Henny Ford-art the assembly line with the production of the Model T Ford in 1908. in 1918 over half the Americans were driving Model T's.

John Ives- Gangsters- Gangs was the first organized crime groups. The most famous gangsterare Al capone. THey would use gateaway car to use after robing a bank

Lily Smith- Ella Fitzgerald- She was reffered to as The First Lady of Song. in her young age she could of inspired young singer like her.

Kyle- Louis Armstrong- Was a famous jazz musician. A lot of people started to play his type of jazzand he did concerts. He got in trouble and had to go to juvenile delinquent and that is were he learned to play

Caroline Tobin- Fashion

John S.- Langston Huhes- hos parent got devorced when he was a kid. He wrote poems, autobiographys, plays, and books for everybody. Some of his poems were put to music because they were so well know and liked.

Allie O'Connell- Bessie Smith- Was born in 1985, she became famouse for singing jazz music. she sang songs about poverty.

Steven Zembruski- Rocket & Lie Detector- The Rocket was invented by Robert Goddart. The rockets were used as weponds in WW1. Lie Detector was used by the police. It was invented by John Larson. The rocket impacked today because it was how we got to the moon.

Francesca- Dance

Jack Dailey- Ku Klux Klan

Liz- Triffic Light & Lie Detector-

Cole Murphy- Prohibition- many churches would have anti alcohol rallies. This brought about people selling alcohol.

Cara Wagner- Duke Ellington- He was considered to be one of the best composers

Olivia- Herbert Hoover- He was president, he won 58% of the votes. People said that he is what lead to the Geat Depression. He impacked today by how he tryed to help in a depresson


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