chaiten volcano

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chaiten volcano

Chaiten is a volcano located in the town of Chaiten, Chile. Chaiten is a large volcanic Caldera, which is a cauldron-like feature that usally forms after a collapse of land that happened due to the last volcanic eruption.

Northeast town of Chaitén, Chile, on May 2rd 2008, Chaitén began erupting violently. The 2008 eruption lasted until 2009, it was an ongoing eruption. The ash from the eruption had spread across Chile and Argentina to the Atlantic Ocean, contaminating water supplies, only hours after the volcano started erupting. Only on May 3rd did the Chaiten people begin evacuating. In Febuary 2009 the partial dome collapsed, causing fast moving superheated gas and rock (pyroclastic flows) to flow through the Chaiten River Valley, 5km from the actual town. 160 people that were in Chaitén were urged to leave, and all but 25 people who refused to leave were evacuated that day.

Chaiten Volcano

Chaiten sits above the Peru-Chilesubduction zone. In this photo below it shows the Nazca Plate is being subducted under the South American plate.

Forests near the volcano have been burned by lava and explosions. Large parts of southern Argentina and Chile have been coated with ash, having possible long term consequences for agriculture. Ash and mud flooding caused building damange, and filling the river.

Chaiten 6 months after the first eruption.

Chaiten during 2008-2010 eruption.


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