Chairman Mao's Life

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Chairman Mao's Life

Chairman Mao's Life

Chairman Mao was a principal chinese marxist theorist, soldier,and statesman, who led his nation's communist revolution.

Time Line


Mao sees terrible famine in Hunan Province

As Nationalist armies were driven inland during the war, Mao organized guerrilla warfare to spread communism.

Mao was born in Shaoshan, a village in human province. While being a libray worker, he became attracted to the ideas of communisim. In 1912, Mao one of the founders of the Chinese Communist Party in Shanghai.

After the Korean war, Mao began programs to expand agriculture and industrial production. In 1959, Mao gave up chairman of the People's Republic. But he kept control of the country and of the Communist party. He believed that poor nations would revolt against nations that were richer. He also accused Soviet Communist of being soft toward the United States.

Mao formed the chinese into a tightly controlled society more quickly than most observes thought it was possible.

Mao died in September 1976, after a long illness. After his death, chinese leaders reversed many of his policies and ended the emphasis on his personality.

After the communist vicory, Mao's face became familiar throughout the world.


Revolution, Mao fights on revolutionary side in Changsha against Qing Dynasty


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Mao becomes Chairman of the Chinese Communist Party

Mao dies, Hua Guofeng succeeds him

In 1934, Mao led the communist to Shaanxi province, in what is called the long march. the 6,000-mile march lasted over a year and welded the survivers into a tightly knit group under Mao's leadership.

The Long March, communist escape 8,000 miles to north and west


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