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ChainsRebecca McKinley and Kelly Mount

Chains is used directly in the book as a metaphor for a few diffrent things. Lets look at two examples of that.

Chains can mean that Isabel is being controlled by somone; such as Madom Lockton. It could mean that Isabel was stuck or in trouble

Page 246:"She cannot chain my soul."

Page 182:"I was chainedbetween twonations."

Patriots Or Loyalist

Isabel considers joining both the Patriots and the Loyalist.What are the benifits of each side?



Isabel thinks joining the Loyalist couldbe a good idea because she (at one point) beileves that if the Loyalist win the British will set all the slaves free. She also believes (at the begining of the book) that she should be loyal to Britian because the Loyalist are taking care of the colony people.

Page 165:"If the British win,we'll all be free."

Page 174:"I will run and join the British... They'd grant me freedom and give me work."

Page 46:"Them that feed us they're Loyalist, Tories. That means we're Tories,too..."

Isabel believes that the Patriots would be the best option because the Patriots were a chance at freedom.Isabel also believed that America could have freedom because some people believed all men are created equal.She also knew that since the Loyalists wouldn't free her, the patriots were her only hope.

pg 271"No one deserved a crown or was born to be higher than another.

pg 272"If an entire nation could seek its freedom, why not a girl?"

pg 182"He couldn't take me. He would not."


We both agree that Isabel did make the right decison by running away with Curzon at the end of the book. We think this because, we agree that if she were to stay she would just have been sold or ,even worse, beaten.


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