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The novel "Chains" is based in the 18th Century in Liverpool England. Juliet is a young girl who wants to show her father she is just as good as her brother Tony. Her father does not think she is worthy enough to run the family bussiness, of trade, as back then, women were not a large part of bussiness or work. Juliet wants to go to Africa and America, so she takes place of her brother, dusgising herself as a boy. Juliet is not aware of what her father trades, and soon finds out he is part of the trans-atlantic trade exchange. Juliet sees way too much while on this journey, and will leave her scared for life, and change her.


Author: Frances Mary Hendry

Name: Taylor White Date: December 6th, 2013

Title: Chains

Book report

Book Review

Although the book "Chains" was relitively short, the language used was very confusing... So confusing it even had a small glossary in the back. The language was more of old English, so it used terms I wasn't used to, and made it hard to comprehend. There were a lot of difficult names such as "Gbodhi", "Monifa", and "Fola". The set up of the book was different than most voels I read, because it gave a title using the month, and place the following readings took place, which really helped me follow along better, and made the reading the slightest bit simpler. All in all, it was a pretty challenging read.

The book was very different than the books I normally read, so it was nice for a change. I too wasn't absorbed into the novel, since I'm not really into much historical fiction. Because of the confusion of the text and language, I often got fustrated while reading. The one thing I liked about the novel, other than the set up of time and place, was that where I learned about the middle passage in class, I got to read about what Juliet experienced, such as seeing men get insanely ill, and the grotesquness of the voyage. It gave me a larger view on the slave trade going on the the 18th century.I would reccomend this novel if you're looking for a challenge, and want to learn about the trans-atlantic slave trade in detail. If you just want a quick, fun read, I would not reccomend this book, for it is very fustrating to keep going back into the gloassary, and interpertating the language used.

Slave boat in 18th Century

"Remember our happiness, our contentment, our good life at home...Smile and obey them, so that they despise you and ignore you. And then hurt them whenever you can. Work slowly, break things, poison them, kill their animal and their children, burtn their houses and their crops... Never forget home, and revenge, and hate. Tell your children and your children's children. Smile, smile and fight til we are free!"

"Profit isn't everything..." (Juliet) "The slave trade is too terrible, too shameful." (Hassan)


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