Chains by L.A.H.

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Chains by L.A.H.

The lives of slaves in plantations were very hash. The men required to tend the fields and gardens under the watchful eye of "supervisors" who whips to punish. While the women and children did the basic housework and more. At the end of the day the slaves would sleep on the floor, and if they are lucky they were given a very thin "blanket". Plus they are starved and almost worked to death. Many slaves died like that.


I personally believe that the slaves in small farms had better lives because they were treated more fairly. They are also likely to not be punish and live longer.

In the city of New York, nearly every street had slave owners on it (p.g. 310). From Isabel's exerpince, i say that the slaves had to do every single chore, acting like servents, or just being some amusement to their owner(s). They are most likely to sleep in some kind of basement or cellar. the onwer would often hit them for doing something wrong or because they just felt like it.

Small Farms

The slaves and the farmer start to bond together, which can or may not lead to better treatment. The slave(s) would sleep in the house with the master, was provided with good food, and straw bed with a nice blanket. Sometimes the slaves would have family on other farms and if the owner was nice enough they would let them visit. The men and women would do the same work as they would in plantations, but it was less harsh.

My sources

- Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson-

Chains By:Laurie Halse Anderson


The story of freedom continues, with Curzon in Mrs. Anderson's next book, FORGE.

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