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Social Studies

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This project is about learnig about another province in the world thats official language is French. In Grade 5 we have to lerarn French so my teacher let me pick a province. I pick the country Chad because I know nothing about it.


French is one offical language spoken in Chad. The other offical language spoken in Chad is Arabic(Chadian),English and Sara. In the late 1800s, French explorers became interested in Chad by the 1913 France had gained control of it, naming it French Equatorial Africa. The people that lived in Chad spoke a new language. French.Chad is located below on the map. And the tempature can rise to 33 degrees.

What you see here is a hut made from the natives of Chad. They have walls around their huts so predetors like wild cats could not creep in a night. They also had slanted roofs so the rain would not build up on the top of the huts.

What the country looked like in 1930 to 1970. The town is still beautiful and I wish some day I may go to it. Chad is nothing like Canada.

Food that the Chadians ate

Chadians ate a variety of grains, vegetables, fruits and meats.The day's main meal is typically consumed in the evening on a large communal plate, with men and women usually eating in separate areas. They usually just drank water but sometimes they drink wine.

12,825,314 peoplePopulation of Chad goes up. Chad ended 2013 with a population of 12,825,314 people, which represents an increase of 377,139 people compared to 2012.

Favorite SportsThe favorite sports in Chad are football and soccer, basketball, athletics, boxing, martial arts and fishing.

Coat of Arms


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