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Social Studies

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-Largest city-Located in the Southeastern part of the city-City is the economic center of Chad-Pop. Is 993,492


2003 October - Chad becomes an oil exporter with the opening of a pipeline connecting its oil fields with Cameroon.

ReligionOfficial: Islam2nd: Christianity21% Roman Catholic14% Protestant

IndependenceChad achieved its independence on August 11, 1960 from France. Every year on January 11, Chad celebrates their independence as a national holiday.

Population2009:10,329,208Birth rate:48.28 per 1,000 peopleDeath rate:15.4 per 1,000 peopleGrowth rate about 2.92%

How Big


I think Chad is a very interesting place. I won't want to visit it only because it seems very crowded and hot.


Chad's currency is Central African Franc

It's officially known as the Republic of Chad

2003 January - Government signs peace deal with National Resistance Army (ANR) rebels, active in the east.


Chad is a presidential Republic

Located in North-Central Africa

-President: Idriss Derby-Prime Minister: Emanuel Nadinagar

I picked this movie because it's all about Africa, and it seemed ingesting.

Major Cities 1) N'Djmeau2) Moundou3) Sarth4) Abéché

I just picked this song because it seemed interesting

LanguagesMore than 120 languages and dialects spoken in Chad. French and Arabic are both used as official languages of the country.

N'djamena---capital of Chad

1993 - National democracy conference sets up a transitional government with Deby as interim president and calls for free elections within a year.


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