Chad Political sciences and Economy- sree k

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Social Studies

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Chad Political sciences and Economy- sree k


Political Science and Economics

-Mixed legal system of civil and customary law-Executive Branch; Chief of State President L t. Gen Idriss Deby, Head of Government;Prime Minister Kalzeube Pahimi DEUBET, Cabinet; Council of State-Legislative Branch; Uncameral Legislative Assembly-Judicial Branch- Supreme Court (consists of a chief justice and 15 judges or councilors and divided into 3 chambers) and the Constitutional Council (consists of 3 judges and 6 jurists)

August 11th- Independence from France


Alliance for the Renaissance of Chad or ART, an alliance among the ruling MPS, RDP, and Viva-RNDPFederation Action for the Republic or FAR [Ngarledjy YORONGAR]National Rally for Development and Progress or Viva-RNDP [Dr. Nouradine Delwa Kassire COUMAKOYE]National Union for Democracy and Renewal or UNDR [Saleh KEBZABO]Party for Liberty and Development or PLD [Jean-Baptiste LAOKOLE]Patriotic Salvation Movement or MPS [Mahamat Saleh AHMAT, chairman]Rally for Democracy and Progress or RDP [Lol Mahamat CHOUA]Union for Renewal and Democracy or URD [Sande NGARYIMBE]

Oil and agriculture drive Chad’s economy. At least 80% of Chad's population relies for its livelihood on subsistence farming and livestock raising and oil provides the bulk of export revenues. Remittances have also been an important source of income and Chad relies on foreign assistance and foreign capital for most public and private sector investment.Chad’s fiscal situation is repeatedly exposed to declining oil prices and drought .Chad's investment climate remains challenging due to limited infrastructure, a lack of trained workers, extensive government bureaucracy, and corruption.

1) cotton, sorghum, millet, peanuts, rice, potatoes, manioc (tapioca); cattle, sheep, goats, camels2) oil, cotton textiles, meatpacking, brewing, natron (sodium carbonate), soap, cigarettes, construction materials3) 4.293 million (2007)country comparison to the world: 87


Capital- N'Djamena


Political Parties and Leaders


1)Agriculture 2)Industries 3)Labor Force

unemployment rate- NA%population below poverty line-80% (2001 est.)public debt- 30.5% of GDP (2013 est.)

exports- oil, cattle, cotton, gum arabicimports- machinery and transportation equipment, industrial goods, foodstuffs, textiles



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