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Use these simple tricks to help remember things better, whether it be a shopping list or your friend's birthdaysAll of the mentioned techniques andtricks are proven and recommended by psychologists to help YOU rememeber things better. You don't need any online site or book to learn how to remember better, you just need a creative brain!






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Another, more effective technique to rememeber information better and long-term is called elaborative rehearsal. Using elaborative rehearsal, you relate the information you want to remember to information that you already know and understand. This makes it easier to recall and retrieve, because you already know half of what you are looking for pretty well.

Using a technique called maintenance rehearsal, you can drill imformation into your memory by repeating it and going over it again and again until it becomes almost second nature! Usually, this is only good for rememebering information for a short period of time, but it has proved to be very effective.

Last but not least, a trick called chunking can help you remember information. This meaning that you break down bits of information into chunks, and rememeber the idea as pieces instead of as a whole. For example, if you wanted to remember the steps to solving a math problem, you could give each step a basic word that sums it up, and spell out a word or sentence with the first letter of each word. Then, all you have to rememeber is a word or short phrase instead of memorizing each individual step alone.



A quick and easy way to remember things is to associate them with unsual objects that they normally wouldn't be associated with. This works because we tend to rememeber things that are crazy and don't make sense. Say you want to remember to take out the trash, wash the dishes and do the laundry. All you would do is picture your body as trash can, your arms as towels, and your hands as dishes. Then when you come home, you can just move your way down your body, checking them off as you go.

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