ch13 sec 2 Cheyenn Davey 4th hour

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ch13 sec 2 Cheyenn Davey 4th hour

Ch. 13 Sec.2 pg.334-339 Cheyenne Davey

Niger River: fertilized area's land and allowed the people to control trade!

Timbuktu:important trade city!!

Mosque:(mask) is a building for Muslim prayer.

Gao: the capital of Songhai also participated in the same trade as Ghana and Mali.

Djenne: was a center of learnig in North Africa!

Mansa Musa was the ruler of Mali and became a major figure in Africa because of the pilgrimage he made to the city of Mecca. Mansa gave out huge amounts of gold and spread the word of Muslim religion.

mansa: the title of the local leaders including Sundiata.

Sundiata built up an army and won back his contru's independence.After Sundiata conquered Ghana he took over the salt and gold trades.Sundiata had farmlands cleared for beans, onions,rice,and other crops, and also introduced a new crop-cotton. Sundiata died in 1255.

When Mansa Musa died, his son took the throne.Maghan was weak, so when raiders from the southeast poured into Mali, he couldn't stop them. The raiders set fire to Timbuktu's great schools and mosques. Mali never recovered from the attack and then empire continued to weaken and decline. In 1431 Tuareg, nomads from the Sahara, siezed Timbuktu.By 1500 nearly all the lands of the empire were lost and only a small area remained.

Songhai was Mali's rival. In thier capital at Gao, the Songhai paticipated in the same trade that had made Ghana and Mali so ritch.In the 1300s Mansa Musa conquered the Songhai but in the 1400s when Mali was weakened they rebelled and gained thier freedom.Songhai were Muslim.Songhai gained wealth and started builing and empire and this expansion was led by Sunni Ali.As king Sunni encouraged everyone to work together. Sunni Ali died in 1492 and his son,Sunni Baru who wasn't Muslim, so the people feared he didn't support Islam.They rebelled and a general named Muhammad Ture overthrew Sunni Baru and became king and his new name was Askia the Great. Askia supported education so under his rule Timbuktu florished and was know for the University of Sankore. Djenne was another city of learning. Morocco wanted Songhai's salt mines so they set out an army at the heart of Songhai. Therefore the West African empire came to an end.



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