Ch 7 Creativity & Chapter 8 Persistence

by Tijerina
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Ch 7 Creativity & Chapter 8 Persistence

Creativity & Divergent Thinking

Creativity: the ability to bring new ideas to life, to see something old from a unique perspective, or to solve a problem in ways most others wouldn't think of

*May creative people are driven to create. It's as vital to them as BREATHING! We don't want to take children's creativity away from them! Creativity brings richness to life - brings out humor and smiles while listening to creative explanations.

Our world THRIVES on creativity!

What is the state of creativity at WALKER?*Is it only occuring in Music & Art?*Are young scientists exploring new theories?*In math, are students encourages to find creative solutions? Be open minded about creative thinkers who find the answer to a problem in new & unique ways. Children are alot more capable than we give them credit for.

Creativity is the desire & the ability to produce new ideas & products. Divergent thinking makes it all possible!

Divergent thinking is not often a conscious act - it is just how certain brains work.

Divergent thinkers are non-conformists who prefer their own way over the typical way. They see many possibilities; whereas convergent thinkers only see one right answer.

Divergent kids are sometimes the most challenging. Decide which rules are important & let the other stuff go. So much about gifted children is outside the box. They need the sdupport of teachers to recognize creativty & divergent thinkers so they don't feel like "outcasts". Gifted teachers have the ability to make all students feel special because they recognize it as true.

Thomas Edison discussing the chapter on PERSISTENCE!



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