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Cezara Dulce

Cezara Dulce

Hello,My name is Cezara Dulce and I am in 12'th grade at Liceul Tehnologic Economic de Turism Iasi.

My professional skill...-ability to work in a team- creativity-seriousity-ability to manage impredictible situations...

Along my classmates, I am getting prepared for my career in Tourisme, as Alimentation Department Manager at World Stories SRL...

Also, having a big interest in working and having fun together...

During highschool, I had the oportunity to work in a real tourisme agency "Sindi Tour"...

- Ability to take and respect major decisions..

-Ability to use imagination...

In the end, I would like to mention a few things about my personality...

- a sociable, friendly, trustful and open mind person...

- loving nature, spending time with family, reading and travelling


  • loryrous 9 years ago

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    It is really amazing your glog! Love it dear Cezara :)