[2015] Patrick O'Neal: Ceremonies and Rituals

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[2015] Patrick O'Neal: Ceremonies and Rituals

Ceremonies and Rituals

Every year the tribe would throw away old food before the start of the new Harvest. To prevent starvation they would make mass quantities of yam fufu.fufu- boiling of a starchy food; eaten with fingers, can be dipped in accompanying soup or sauce

Ceremony and Ritual: EngagementThe suit presents palm oil to everyone in her immediate family, relatives, and extended group of kinsmen. For the ceremony, the bride is expected to prepare food for the whole villiage. During the palm wine ceremony the groom's family is presented with 50 pots of wine. The bride also had other preparations.

"She wore a coffiure... in the middle of the head. Cam wood was rubbed into her skin, and all over her body were black patterns drawn with uli." (74)"On her arms were red and yellow bangles, and on her waist four or five rows of jigida, or wasit bands." (74)

"The Feast of the New Yam was held every year... to honor the earth goddess and ancestral spirits of the clan." (43)"On the last night before the festival, yams of the old year were all disposed of by those who still had them." (43)



Ritual: Feasting of the New Yam


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