Cerebral Palsy

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Cerebral Palsy

Symptoms, Signs, Effects

Jenna Swiertz

Cerebral Palsy

~Mid-1800's: Dr. William John Little conducted the first major studies of cerebral palsy~Sir William Osler-- author of first cerebral palsy book~Dr. Sigmund Freud-- First to suggest that CP was linked to complications during early development

~Lack of muscle control, coordination, reflexes, posture, balance, fine motor skills, speech~Spastic: rigid muscles~ Dyskinetic: Involuntary movement~Hypotonic: Little to no muscle tone

~No "cure" yet~Difficult to prevent~Rising possibility of treatment to replace damaged brain cells~With a team of caregiversand therepists, people affected can still have a long and happy life

Sophie Christiansen and Janeiro- BBC Sport


2-3 children out of 1,000

Discovery and History


~More common in premature infants~Brain hemorrhages: cause permant damage~Periventricular Leukomalacia: white matter fills with fluid~Brain malformations~Abuse

Not linked with genetics

A recent study found a possibilitythat CP may be linked with the genetics of autism and otherlearning disabilities

With proper care, CP patients can live along and happy life


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