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Some strengths that Cerdra has are poisonous breath, if any of it's head got cut off somehow, it would grow 2 more. Cerdra can also breathe fire from it's mouth.

Cerdra's weaknesses were that it could becalmed down and made to sleep by the lyre. The other weakness is that it can only beimmune if it still has at least one head left.

There was a day when Echidna made all her monstrous offsprings, Orthrus, Cerberus, Hydra, Chimera, the Caucasian Eagle, the Teumessian fox, the Crommyonian Sow, the Colchian Dragon, and the Gorgon, Echidna and Typhon, raised them into gigantic monsters within a snap of a finger. Echidna wanted to create an ultimate beast that combined all of her offsprings' powers. Though, to ensure it would work, she did an experiment with only two of her sons. Echidna had great knowledge of monsters and beasts, as she was the Mother of All Monsters. She took the genes of the Cerberus and the genes of the Hydra and fused them to create a new monster. This creation became known as Cerdra, a beast with both Hydra's and the Cerberus's powers. A beast that has three heads and five tails. Cerdra was created in the cave where Typhon and Echidna dwell. Cerdra would destroy anything in it's path besides siblings, family, or his own home. If the enemy seemed worthy enough, he would not kill the person. Cerdra's symbols are crossbones, that represent it's poisonous venom and a bomb to represent it's destructive power. Cerdra is a beast of destruction.

Cerdra's Siblings from left to right going down.Hydra, Caucasian Eagle, Colchian Dragon, Typhon(Dad), Orthrus, Cerberus, and Chimera


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