Ceramic Artists Research

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Ceramic Artists Research

Points Artists4 points Maria Martinez2 points Michael Hill Pottery3 points Gerry Punt Pottery4 points Carol Long (Tiles)5 points Susan Beere (Tiles)6 points John Glick (Tiles)7 points Shiho KanzakiExtra points earned will be applied toward buidling and glazing grades.

ResearchAssignmentaboutCeriamic 'TileArtists

Assignment Directions1. Research an artist. Earn points for each artist.2. 4th Grade - Earn SIX points or more.3. 3rd Grade - Earn FOUR points or more.4. Read the artist's webpage and find THREE INTERESTING facts about this artist and his/her artwork.5. Carefully draw and color a picture of one of the artist's artworks.

ARTIST NAME1. Write artist facts in complete sentences.2. Make sure facts are truly INTERESTING, not just born dates or name of college s/he went to.3. Read the whole web page to figure out the good facts.YOUR NAME

Carefully draw and color one of this artist's artworks in this area of your paper.

Like This

Make your assignmentpaper look likeTHIS, not THIS


Gerry Punt Michael HillClick the Artists' names to get to their websites. For Gerry, you have to scroll down to find his name.

Carol Long Susan BeereClick the artists' names toget to their websites.

MariaMartinezClick on Maria's name to get to her website.







John Glick Shiho KanzakiClick the artists' namesto get to their websites.


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