Century Students

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Century Students

What can students use tech for?LearningCommunicationEntertainment & so much more!

Members of a global community!Many are multicultural and bilingual!They easily adapt to a constantly evolving world!

21st Century Learners are...

Teaching 21st Century Students

Technology and tradition don't have to be at war within the classroom! Student are multitaskers. That makes them very SOCIAL and INQUISITIVE. They also enjoy learning from MULTIPLE FORMATS!

While observing and teaching at Windsor High school, I have seen firsthand how powerful and effective technology can be when used within the classroom. My time at WHS has helped to prepare me to meet the needs of a student body that has grown up using technology in nearly every part of their lives. Through research and practice with different classroom technologies, I intend to prepare myself to effectively teach students with or without technology.

What are others saying?

How do students learn best?

Technology should be used to help promote learning by engaging students in activities that allow them to be creative and challenged. Items such as chrome books, cell phones, desktop computers, videos, and games can all be used to supplement learning while also being entertaining and exciting for students. The ideal classroom should have a combination of different types of technology that are all used to achieve specific learning goals. In the ideal classroom, technology is readily accessible but not used without reason.

Getting Prepared!

The ideal 21st Century Classroom


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