Central Park

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Central Park

Central Park

What it Contains Lots of fun things 22 playgrounds, 2 iceskating rinks,a carousel, ponds, 18 acres of water, a zoo.You can play checkers, sail on sailboatsand you can walk, bike,and rollerskateon the paths of Central Park.

Why Built- for families and friends to have a fun day in the park-NYC was overcrowding, so they found a rocky land and made more space for people coming in and settling.

Location & Creation-Design competition-Started building in 1853 and stopped in 1878-Center of Manhattan-Between 59th St. and 106th St.

Why famous-First public park in the U.S.-Special attractions-most visited urban park in the U.S.-The freshest fishing water in Manhattan- Ultimate nature escape in NY-Strawberry field in rememberance of John Lennon -Wagner Cove named after former mayor

There's an information center in the middle of the park.There's also 58 miles of walking paths. Also there are 25,000 trees and 7 bodies of water.


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