[2015] Tara Cooperwhite: Central park!

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[2015] Tara Cooperwhite: Central park!

Central park owns two ice skating rinks; one of them is used as a swimming pool in july and august.Central park also has three theatres: The Delacorte theatre which hosts the shakes spear in the park summer festivals, Imax a cinema chain specializing in 3D films and the public fare.

Fast Facts Central park is a real beautiful place.It opened in 1857 and is known for its quietness and popularity. Central park is located at Manhattan in New York City, United States. Its 3.41 km squared! Central park has been a national historic landmark since 1962.Though this park looks very real and natural, its actually all landscaped. That includes 25 000 trees, 7 bodies of water, 136 acres of woodlands, 250 acres of lawns, 58 miles of walking paths and 36 bridges and arches.Central park welcomes about 37.5 million visitors every year, making it the most visted urban park in the united states!

Central park

This is central parks beautiful atmosphere

This is the Coat of Arms!

This is what one of the local restaurants looks like.

Central Park is an amazing park filled with wonderful wildlife and attractions. I am sure everyone who is anyone will love and enjoy central park. The atmosphere is asoloutly beautiful and i dont know what everyone would do without the ice skating rinks, animal sanctuarys and central park zoo!

This is the entireCentral Park!

A video of Central Parks atmosphere and more.

sanctuary and zoo.The Central Park Zoo is located in the southeast corner of the park. There is lots of zones such as the Arctic zone, the Temperate zone, the Tropical zone and the rainforest zone. There is also a wild life sanctuary for birds and turtles.


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