Central Nervous System

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Human Anatomy

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Central Nervous System

_____________________________________________________-As a message transfers from nerves to the brain, the body tells the brain how to react.-When you touch something harmful, a message of pain forms in our neurons(nerves), telling our brain to move our body. -That's why we have pain.- A stimulus causes messages to be sent to the brain.- The somatic side of the Peripheral Nervous System controls our senses' information (like "HEAT, DANGER) and sends that info to the brain.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Central Nervous System

How do they Communicate?

____________________________________________________- Drugs effect all of what we do.-They slow communication, slow down the communication time, and even kill brain cells!- They can even change your communication.- If you take bad drugs, your emotions can change, your neurons can be destroyed, and you can die just as easily.-Once your neurons are destroyed, you can never get them back.____________________________________________________

________________________________________________________________-Nerves pass signals to your brain through electricity.-When neurons are stimulated, they generate an electric pulse that conveys through chemicals to other cells, then to the brain. - When it reaches the brain, the electric pulse finally unravels its message, telling your brain what to do and how to do it.-This all happens in a fraction of a second.- When a neuron passes a message to another neuron, the synapse cell allows them to communicate.________________________________________________________________

___________________________________________________________- Sometimes, in immediate danger, your body reacts without signaling to the brain.- Motor nerves allow the brain to control our muscles.- Sensory nerves carry signals to the brain about what's going on in the outside world.- Nerve signals travel about 300 ft., per second!___________________________________________________________

Interesting Facts

Drug Connection

Nerves and Communication


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