Central Nervous System

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Human Anatomy

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Central Nervous System

Central Nervous System

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Nuerons are the messages sent through the spine

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The Spinal Cord and the Brain are the two main parts of the Central Nervous System. The funtion of the Spinal Cord is to transfer messages from the brain to the other parts of the body and the brain's function is to control everything you do like talking, walking thinking, or even balancing.

Structure of the Central Nervous System

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Fun Fact: Rabies affects the central nervous system and makes you afraid of water! (:

By: Tara Wolff

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A disease that affects the central nervous systems is Polio...Causes: Polio is transfered through the mouth and goes into to the blood stream anad up to the brainSymptoms; Stifness and body aches, and paralysisTreatments: Massaging the aching areas, iron lung to help you breath when the muscles stop working, and finally a vaccine to prevent to virus from causing anymore damage.



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