Central Market Investigation

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Central Market Investigation

The group stood just outside the marketplace, facing the road for 3 minutes. The colours of the cars that passed were recorded.Looking at these results, there were a large amount of white and silver cars, as well as one green car (outlier). Had we monitored the road activity for a longer period of time, the results would've been different, and would've given us a better idea of all the different coloured cars that pass the markets.

The group walked around the central market and wrote down the types of stores avaliable out of the first 20 seen.From these results, we can see that a large amount of stores sell fresh produce. If we looked at more types of stores in the market we could've had a better/fairer idea of what type of stores are avaliable.

The Adelaide Central Market is one of South Australia's finest fresh produce markets. At the end of the 3rd term, class 8G02 visited this market to conduct a survey on the different types of stalls and food products available. Students were tasked with thinking of three different questions about the markets and making three different graphs representing the information found. The three questions asked were: What are the different types of stores at the market?What colour are the cars that pass the market?How many customers visit stores?

Central Market Investigation

The group spent 5 minutes at three different stalls in the Central Market. The amount of customers to visit those specific stores in the period of time was recorded.Looking at these results exclusively, we can conclude that more people visit Store #2 than stores #1 and #3, but if we were to collect this information/monitor the stores for a longer amount of time, we might've had different results. Store #2 might've been unusually busy the day we collected data, so a proper and fair conclusion cannot be drawn from this graph.

Visiting the market and answering our questions gave us much insight into the workings of the market. From all these results, we can conclude that there are a large variety of different stores with different popularities that can be found in the Central Market. We can also conclude that a variety of different coloured cars pass the market.


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