Center of Gravity: Yoga and Cheerdance

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Center of Gravity: Yoga and Cheerdance



The three essential elements of balance are alignment, strength, and attention. Alignment of the body with gravity is crucial; it makes balance physically possible. Strength gives us the power to create, hold, and adjust alignment. Attention continually monitors alignment so we know how to correct it from one moment to the next. If you align the center of gravity over the base of support, you balance.

One of the main principles behind the physics of cheerleading is setting up good weight distribution in the stunts, such as pyramids. The stronger (and usually heavier) team members form the support base at the bottom while the lighter team members are at the top. Keeping an even weight distribution among the team members involved in supporting the weight of the other team members is essential in creating balance and stability.


Health Benefits

The point, about which the distribution of these individual weights is symmetrical, is the center of gravity of the body. Thus, if a body has more mass distributed in its upper part, the center of gravity will be closer to the top of the body. There are two properties of the center of gravity that have a great impact on sport: location and shape of the body. An athlete that bends his/her legs will lower his/her center of gravity position. This, amongst other things, will result in greater stability. center-of-gravity.htm

Yoga helps us strengthen the core in order to fight gravity and it helps us carry our self better by improving our posture thus fighting gravity. Gravity is something that we fight as we get older. It brings us down so it changes the shape of our body, if our core is weak our spine gets deformed. Cheerleading teaches and promotes fitness and good health choices. It sets the tone for a lifestyle of healthy choices. It also teaches bonding and trust among team members.


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