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CensorshipinChildrens' Literature

Recommendations:1. Stay aware of what is in your classroom library and the groups of books you assign.2. Make sure that your school has responsible guidlines for choosing books.3. Be prepared to speak up for the contribution that good books make to children's education.4. Realize that others may disagree with your choice of a certain book, for reasons they believe are right.5. Be aware that should the choice of books in your classroom or school be criticized in ways that you believe are unfair or misguided, you should calm conversation not try to resolve the problem.

The First Amendment of the Constutution of the United States reads, "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press..." This amendment suggests that individual freedom is at issue whenever teachers or other school officials deny access to written materials.

When teachers deny children access to books because they think those books are too risque or controversial or when other adults put pressure on teachersto deny access to certain books, then we are dealing with the issue of Censorship

Surprisingly, some topics seem to raise more pressures for censorship than others, and the controversial topics are not always the ones we might expect. For instance, unlike in entertainment, sex and violence is rarely an issue in censorship. Any book with more than trace amounts of sex and violence is off limits period. Very few people are willing to argue this topic and seems to be the consensus amongst parents and school officials. For example, Judy Blume's "Forever" describes sexual acts and sure enough has suffered a great deal of scrutiny.

Why is censorship harmful?Censorship is harmful because it results in the opposite of true education and learning. In the process of acquiring knowledge and searching for truth, students can learn to discriminate- to make decisions rationally and logically in light of the evidence. The suppression of materials containing ideas or themes that are not agreed upon, produce a sterile conformity and a lack of intellectual and emotional growth in students.

Banned Books that Shaped AmericaAdventures of Huckleberry Finn Autobiography of Malcom XBelovedThe Call of The WildCatch-22Bury my Heart at Wounded KneeThe Call of The WildCatch-22The Catcher in The RyeFor Whom the Bell TollsFahrenheit 451Gone With the WindThe Great GatsbyHowlIn Cold BloodInvisible ManThe JungleLeaves of GrassMoby DickThe Red Badge of Courageetc.



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