Celtic Britain

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Celtic Britain

Celtic Britian(Romans come to Britian)By Juno

Boudicca's memorial

What have the Romans ever done for us?

British tribesman-Boudicca gathered her fellow British tribes to revolt against britian. Her followeres had to witness the horrible things done to Buodicca by the Romans. Tribes such as the Iceni ans the trinovanti banded together to defender their homeland. - The Romans were brutish people who took waht they wanted, however their coming to Britian had a few advantages. Like architecture improvment, intoduction to new religion and cultre, lanuage ( latin), new foods and trading oppertunities.

Boudicca's RevoltBoudicca burned cities,everything in her path was reduced to ashes. Proof of this was found in layers of durt in what was once the city of Colchester. Doub was in the layers of burn remains, like pottery, it backed in the heat adn survived the years that have passed since that time. A pitch battle was offered to the romans by Boudicca, these which the romans alwasy win, so this idea seemed foolish. Disaster struck the Iceni, there was no way back. the Romans gained a major victory.

Invasion of Britain- Boudicac is the most famous women in british history, her revolt started with her tribe, the Iceni, in east anglia.- Romans sacked their village and they revolted agenst them, though few british tribes did due to the Romans infamous power of takeing over other regions.-Boudicca's father died, leaving one half his land to Boudicca and the other to the Roman emire.Romans ignored the will and took all of the land from the Iceni.-Boudicca was publicly flogged and her dauters were rapped by roman officers in front of her. Romans accted differently toward the Iceni than the other british tribes, makeing many stupid moves. -Two britan tribes banded together adn made a plan to attack Roman camps, first would be Colchester. -The roman colonists were almost volnerable, with out their main troops, who had been takin to Mona, to invade and capture the Druids.- When the battles was done, after 17 years of fighting, the britan lost. Roman armies gathered up the remaining resiliant britians and captured/ killed. them.

Early Britian Map

Druid camp

Roman Army

Boudicca's army

The Revolt

Julius Caesar


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