Cellular Transport

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Human Anatomy

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Cellular Transport

Cellular Transport

Active Transport

Passive Transport




moves substances out of the cell.


moves substances into the cell by engulfing them through prossesses called Phagosytosis; cell "eating", or Pinocytosis; cell "drinking".

Solute pumping or bulk transport.Solute pumping is similar to facilitated diffusion because it requires a protein "carrier", driven by a "solute pump". This for of active transport requires energy and goes from a low concentration to a high concentration. Bulk transport consists of endocytosis and exocytosis.

involves diffusion and filteration. Diffusion is the process by which molecules and ions tend to scatter themselves through the available space, going from high concentration to low concentration. Other forms of diffusion would be Osmosis which is the diffusion of water, and Facilitated Diffusion which is where the proteins in the plasma membrane carry molecules in and out of the cell. Filteration is when water and solutes are forced through the cell membrane by pressure.


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