Cellular Respiration

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Cell Biology

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Cellular Respiration

Scientist: David Keilin

Discovered Cytochrome B and C which are located in the ETC. Without knowing the whole process of the ETC we would still question how Cellular Respiration works

Cellular Respiration

Aerobic Respiration

The process of one Glucose turning into 36 ATP. Starts in Glycolysis, followed by the Transition Reaction, after comes Kreb's Cycle

Finally the process ends in the Electron Transport Chain where NADH and FADH2 lose their H+ which then travel to the ATP Synthase and Channel to make 32 ATP. The other 4 ATP come from Glycolysis and Kreb's Cycle

Chemiosmostic Gradients To ATP

Through oxidative phosphorylation ADP and Pi can be converted into ATP which is transfer of electrons from food molecules to molecular oxygen

Mitochondria And DNA

Mitochondria at one point used to be bacteria, after invading cells over a long period of time and evolution they adapted to the cells and could not live without the cells and became apart of them

Mitochondrial DNA can be found in traces of hair, bone, and teeth. At a crime scene these traces can be found

Endosymbiotic Theory and Mitochondria Forming

Endocytosis is when a substance gains entry into a cell without passing through its cell membrane.

Unique Breathing

Fish respire using gills, oxygenated air enters gills and from there diffuses into bloodBirds' respiratory systems contain unique features such as air sacs lungs of birds also do not have the capacity to inflate


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