Cellular Respiration

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Cell Biology

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Cellular Respiration


Types of cells

Helps protect cell and give it a shape. This allows certain substances to enter and leave the cell.________________MITOSIS During interphase the nucles is surrounded by the nuclear envelope.

Plasma membrane

SIMILARITIES ~plasma membrane~DNA +RNA~ribosomes

This is what it looks like!

PROKARYOTE ~DNA found in cytoplasm~ no membrane bound organelle~cellular respiration in cytoplasm~cell wall


Plasma membrane usually identified with the fluid mosaic model.

Fun fact:

Brenda Lopez

Prokaryote~ single-celled organism that lacks any membrane-bound organelles. Eukarayote~ organism whose cells contain a nucleus.


Glycosis...Splitting sugarsA 6 carbon sugar I splitInto 2 molecules of a3 carbon sugar.

Cellular Respiration

Mitochondria is not present in bacteria.Reactions of glycolysis follow the sameroutes in Pro and Eukaryote except products of fermantation.

Binary fissionBegins with the single DNA molecule replicating and both copies attaching to the cell membrane


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