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Human Anatomy

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What is a cell?A cell is the smallest unit of matter that can carry on the processes of life.

HISTORY:The cell was first found by Robert Hooke in 1665.

ORGAN SYSTEM:most complex, set of organs working together to carry out complex functions

TISSUE:organization of many cells that act together to form a common function

CELL: smallest living units of structure and function

ORGAN:group of several types of tissue arranged so that they act together for a function

Parts of a Cell:1. Cytoplasm: area between cell membrane and nucleus2. Endoplasmic Reticulum: pathway for cells to move from one place to another3. Ribosomes: provides a place for the synthesis of proteins4. Nucleus: stores hereditary info in DNA. where RNA is copied

5. Cilia: hairlike organelle assists in cell movement6. Flagella: tail, assists in movement7. Lysosomes: enclosed enzymes that digest unwanted or old items8. Golgi Body: processing, packaging, secreting organelle of cell

9. Cytoskeleton: maintains shape and size of cell10. Mitochondria: provides energy for chemical reactions


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