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Cell Biology

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Cells project


Nerve Cells

Heart Muscle Cells

Red Blood Cells

Brain Cells

Fat Cells

Cells, Tissues,Organs,Systems

By:Jaiden and Alissa


Muscle Tissue

Fat Tissue

Epithelial Tissue

Nerve Tissue

This tissue protects your bodyfrom bacterias, moisture loss and internal injuries


A type of tissue composed of fibers capable of contracting to effect bodily movement

a kind of body tissue containing stored fat that serves as a source of energy

This tissue is to react to stimuli and to conduct feeling to different organs in the body which bring about a response to the stimulus



The lungs are what let your breathe. The lungs are one of the biggest organs in your body. They work with your respitoray sysem to help you take in fresh air, get rid of stale air and even talk!


almost every nutrient you conume must pass through the liver. So it can turn into a biochemical form.

There are two kidneys located underneith yor ribs. The kidneys filter waste out of your blood. They do that fliterig the blood 200-400 times a day.



The bladder is what stores your urine and lets it out through the urethra.


respiratory system

The brain is the major organ its what lets you remeber things learn walk and even talk.

The respiratory system is what lets you breathe. It goes from your nasal passage to your ribs.

Urinary System

Your Urinary system consist of two kindenys.your bladder, ureters and your urethra. The uirnary system makes pee and lets pee out long with filtering waste fromy our body.

Nervous system

The nervous system is like a highway which your brain sends and recieves signals. Like whether the water is hot or cold.The nervous sytem runs through your whole body!

Circulatory system

Your circulatory is what pumps blood throughout your body. Your heart is the main pump. It makes everything work.

Skeletal System

The skeletal system is made up of your bones. It stores calcium and regulates fluid and blood loss.


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