[2013] Matthew Brown: Cells: Basic Info

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[2013] Matthew Brown: Cells: Basic Info

Cells: Basic Info

- Cells are the building blocks of all life.THE CELL THEORY:- All organisms are made of one or more cells.- The cell is the basic unit of all living things.- All cells come from existing cells.

*Eukaryotes are multi-cellulared organsms.*The two types of eukaryotic cells are plant cells and animal cells.*Plant cells and animals are similar; however, the two differences between the two are that plant cells have a cell wall and chloroplasts.

Endocytosis:- The cell membrane surrounds the particle to bring it into the cell.Exocytosis:- The cell membrane expels the particle out of the cell.

Matthew Brown6th PeriodNovember 17, 2014

ORGANELLES IN PLANT ' ANIMAL CELLS- Cell Membrane- Cytoplasm- Cytoskeleton- Mitochonhdria- Ribosomes- Lysosomes- Vacuoles and Vesicles- Golgi Apparatus- Cell Wall- Chloroplasts- Endoplasmic Reticulum

Amoeba (single-celled organisms) were the first orgnamisms on Earth.

The cell membrane is made up of phospholipid layers. The lipid tails turn inward, with the phosphate heads on the outside. These tails point inward because they are attracted to water (the cytoplasm is made of water).

PROKARYOTEs- Single celled organsms- DOES NOT have a nucleus- Single cell does all cell work


CytoplasmA jelly-like subtance that keeps the cell's organelles in place/together.

CytoskeletonA web of proteins that keep the cell's shape and movement--like the human skeletal system.

RibosomesProtein factories

NucleusControl center of the cell. It holds the DNA(deoxyribonucleic acid), genetic material for the cell.

Endoplasmic ReticulumA network of membranes found attached to the nucleus. It participates in the production of lipids and protein synthesis. There are 2 types of ER: rough ER ("rough" with vesicles attached) and smooth ER (no vesicles attached). ERs are like factories.

Vacuoles and VesiclesMove things around the cell, and store things (such as water).

Golgi ComplexFinishes, packages, and sends the proteins out to other parts of the cell. (UPS)

MitochondriaThe powerhouse of the cell.

Cell Wall (found in ONLY plant cells):A structure made of cellulose fibers that gives support to the cell.

Cell Membrane: A double phospholipid layer that protects the inside of the cell from the outside of the cell.

ChloroplastsAn organelle in plant cells that conducts photsynthesis. It has CHLOROPHYLL, a green pigment that causes the chloropasts and plants to be green in color.

Cellulose Fibers


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