Cells and Their Environment

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Cells and Their Environment

There are two different kinds of cells, animal cells and plant cells. In each cell, organelles make up its structer allowing the cell to function properly.


Olivia Morrison

Both cells share common organelles. The nucleus, which is the "brain" of the cell, controls the cell's functions. The cell membrane is the outer boundary of the cell which serves as protection. Cytoplasm, a clear thick fluid that contains organelles. Mitochondria, releases the cells' energy. Ribosomoes, tiny sacs that make proteins. ER, serves as a passage way for material moving through the cell. Golgi Bodies, help package proteins.

Cells and Their Environment

There are a few organelles that are only found in the plant cell because the animal cell doesn't need these certain organelles to survive.Cell Walls and Chloroplasts.


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