[2014] Sandra Thiongo: Cells!!

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Cell Biology

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[2014] Sandra Thiongo: Cells!!

Plant ' Animal Cells* Cells are the building blocks of life.* Cell theory: All organisms are made of one or more cells,The cell is the basic unit of life,all cells come from exsisting cells Similarities Differences. both include a nucleus, cell . plant cells have a cell membrane, cytoplasm, ribosomes, wall, chloroplasts, lysosomes, vesicles'vacuoles, Golgi and a large plant Complex, endoplasmic reticulum, vacuole. and mitochondria, . animal cells don't have any of those.

Cells!!By: Sandra Thiongo

Prokaryotic ' EukaryoticProkaryote: single- celled organisms that are small and do not have a nucleus Examples include bacteria and archaeaEukaryote: larger- looking organisms that do have a nucleus Examples include a lion and a humming bird

Vocabularycell- the smallest functional and structural unit of all living organisms.cell membrane- a phospholipid layer that controls what goes in and out of a cell.organelle- a small body specialized to perform a specific function.nucleus- an organelle that cpntains the cell's DNA.prokaryote- a single- celled organism that does not include a nucleus.eukaryote- organism that does include a nucleus.structure- the appearance of the arranged parts in an organism.function- the specialized operation or activity of a part.photosynthesis- the process by which sunlight, carbon dioxide, and water is used to make food.cellular respiration- the process by which oxygen is used to produce energy from foodfermentation- when food is broken down without oxygen.cell cycle- the life cycle of a cellchromosome- in a eukaryotic cell, structures in the nucleus that is made up of DNA and protein; in a prokaryotic cell, the main ring of DNAhomologous chromosomes- chromosomes that have the same sequence of genes and the same structuremitosis- in eukaryotic cells, it is when cell division happens and creates two new nuclei,which has same amount of chromosomes.cytokinesis- the division of a cell's cytoplasm.


Humming Bird



Animal Cell

Plant Cell

Cell Cycle

Cells Make energy in 2 ways!Mitochondria- make energy from sun+02, cellullar respiration. sugar+02 -----> ATPChloroplasts (only in plant cells)- make energy+ sugar from sunlight, photosynthesis. sunlight+Co2----> ATP Cells Need ProteinsMaking proteins run daily life and growth. The cell must read genes, build proteins. Nucleus, mitochondria, endoplasmic reticulum, and Golgi complex do this work. DNA--> proteins--> cells


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