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cello 2

Hows it played?The size and weight of the cello are made to sit on the ground for it is to heavy for people to hold. In the 1800's the cello did not have an endpin, so cellists had to squeeze their knees together to keep the instrument from dropping to the floor. People often like to tape the fingerboard to help remind them where to place the fingers on the cello, it makes it easier for them to know where to place their fingers.

The cello is one of the bigger instruments in the string family. It plays notes that are lower than the viola, though not as low as the string bass. The strings on the cello are more than twice as long as the strings on the viola, producing rich, and warm lower notes.

Hows it made?The cello is made of wood and the top is made of spruce, with maple for the back and sides. These parts are carefully carved and shaped, and then glued together with a special glue. After the body of the cello is made, the four strings, bridge, tailpiece, endpin, and smaller pieces are added.

The Cello

By Elizabeth,Bec and Josephine

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