Cell Wall- Natalie & Lexi

by natalienguyen
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Cell Wall- Natalie & Lexi

"Think of the cell wall as a wicker basket in which a balloon has been inflated so that it exerts pressure from the inside. Such a basket is very rigid and resistant to mechanical damage. Thus does the prokaryote cell (and eukaryotic cell that possesses a cell wall) gain strength from a flexible plasma membrane pressing against a rigid cell wall."

~Cell Wall~

Cell walls are made of mostly cellulose (a carbohydrate) . That is the main component in wood and paper too.They could be considered a pressure vesel; what keeps the cell from collapsing. Usually flexible and sometimes rigid.

Fast Facts:

The cell wall provides structure, along with shape to plants. It also keeps unwanted contents outside of the cell while keeping all of the nessecary parts on the inside. You could almost say its somewhat of a "gate keeper" for the cell.

Did you know when a plant dies, what is left behind is the cell wall?The cell wall is one of bacterial cell's most important feature.

By: Natalie & Lexi- 3rd period


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