Cell Reproduction

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Cell Biology

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Cell Reproduction

Cell Reproduction

An organism uses mitosis or meiosis mostly for reproduction.Other reasons the processes are used include growth and repair.

Only eukaryotic organisms, or those that contain a nuclei, undergo mitosis. Eukaryotic organisms that reproduce sexually have a specialized set of cells that undergo meiosis rather than mitosis.

There are 3 main differences:1. Mitosis divides 1 nucleus into 2, while meiosis divides 1 into 4.2. Mitosis conserves chromosome number, meiosis divides it in half.3. Mitosis produces genetically identical daughter nuclei, meiosis produces genetically different daughter nuclei.

Since mitosis is the process of cell division (making more cells), if it stopped, the organism would die.Cells are constantly dying and need to be replaced for the organism to continue living.

If meoisis stopped working, the gametes would not be produced and the organism would not be able to reproduce sexually.

Mitosis and Meiosis

When is each process used?

What difference does it make?

What if meiosis stopped?

What if mitosis stopped?


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