Cell Organelles

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Cell Organelles

Cell Organelles

Below are the organelles in a eukaryotic cell. Organelle= Tiny OrganEukarytoic cell= True Nucleus

Cell Nucleus

Both Animal and Plant Cell

The Endoplasmic Reticulum or E.R. can have ribosomes= Rough E.R or can be Smooth= no ribosomes. These are like little worker minions that make all the products.

The Gologi Apparatus is like the post office, it packages products to shipped outside the cell.

The centrioles are like the cranes of the cell. Long poles extend from them and direct the chromosomes.

The nucleus is important because it houses the DNA. The nucleus also has tiny pores to let the RNA out.

Cell Membrane

Golgi Appartus


Endoplasmic Reticulcum



Cell Wall and Chloroplast

The Cell Wall and Cholorplast are two organelles that are only located in plant cells. The chloroplast is what makes plants green.

The cell membrane is like a security guard, it decided what can and cannot come inside. It's also made of fat

Animal cell

The Mitochondria is called the power house of the cell, it makes all the power/ energy that the cell need in order to carry out its daily functions.

First click the video to listen to as you look over the organelles then listen to the audio piece.


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