[2014] johnsonbrittany1: Cell Mitosis

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Cell Biology

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[2014] johnsonbrittany1: Cell Mitosis

Cell Mitosis is when a cell divides and makes a duplicate of itslef called its daughter cell.

Cell Mitosis

Mitosis has 6 phasesInterphase: The cell grows and preps for mitosisProphase: The nucleus begins to condense and the centrioles begin moving to opposite ends of the cellMetaphase: The spindle fibers from the centrioles begin to align the chromosomes in the middle of the cell nucleusAnaphase: The paired chromosomes in the middle seperate to opposite sides Telephase: The chromotids on each side get their own membranes and the cell is almost done splittingCytokinesis: A fiber ring splits the cell in two and the cells end up identical

Cytokinesis happens differently in a plant cell. A cell plate grows in the center and splits the cell in two.

InterphaseG1 Phase: The cell is growing and making organellesS Phase: Sythesis, the cell duplicates its DNAG2 Phase: The cell prepares for mitosis


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