cell division profase metaphase anaphase

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cell division profase metaphase anaphase

Stages in Interphase:1. G1 Phase- This is the 1st stage in growth after cell division. The cell matures and makes more cytoplasm&organelles.2. S Phase- This is the synthesis stage, and this is hwere the DNA is coppied3. G2 Phase- This is the 2nd stage after DNA has been coppied. The cell structures needed for division are made. The organelles are synthesized.

Steps in MitosisProfase- DNA is tightly coiled, the chromosomes become visible as chromosomes, the nuclear membrane dissapears, the nucleolus dissappears, the centrioles migrate to the poles, and lastly, the spindle fibers begin to formMetaphase- The spindle fibers form centrioles, they attach to each chromosome, the cell prepares to seperate from its chromosomes. The chromosomes meet in the middle of the cell.Anaphase- The cell chromosomes are seperated, the spindle fibers shorten so the chromosomes pulled to ends of cells. At this point, the cells have seperated and are moving toward the poles.Telephase- At this phase, the seperation of chromosomes completed, the cell plate forms, the cleavage furrow forms, nucleus and nucleolus reforms, and the chromosomes uncoil.

Cell Division

Cytokinesis- This phase happens after chromosomes seperate and devide into two identicle daughter cells.



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